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April 4, 2019 -Dedicated Nursing Associates (DNA) is excited to announce we are opening our corporate gym, Dedicated Fitness on Monday, April 8! Opening Dedicated Fitness was one way to show how much we care about our employee’s health and wellness at DNA. Memberships will be free for all corporate employees and their guests of choice.

The gym features a variety of state-of-the-art exercise equipment. From cardio to weight machines with free weight options, boxing bags, and more. Not only is there fitness equipment, but the gym also has a game room and lounge area for employees. These areas include table tennis, Foosball, air hockey, as well as a golf simulator. 

Relieve stress by joining your coworker in a fun-loving game of table tennis or Foosball. Take time during your lunch break to practice your pro-league swing in the golf simulator and continue or start your fitness journey before or after work.  

“I can’t wait to start using it!”, said the Assistant Director of Marking Alexis Gdovic, “DNA has been working on this gym for a few months and it’s absolutely perfect.”

DNA hopes that Dedicated Fitness will continue to promote team-building activities and encourage employees to lead healthy, active lifestyles. Dedicated Fitness was created as a thank you to all employees for their hard work.  All employees are invited to begin using the gym as soon as possible and DNA is hopeful that the gym will be a definite asset to our corporate office and the entire DNA team.

Dedicated Nursing Associates (DNA)

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