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Meet our Team

Travel Division (STAR)

Our STAR (Strategic Talent Acquisition Recruiter) Team is responsible for hiring the best of the best medical professionals from all over the country and connecting them with travel or contract assignments that fit their needs. These needs can be based on destination requirements (do you want to go to the beach or to the mountains?!), on desired compensation rates, or even on certification or specialty requests - you name it! Learn more about our travel nursing department here. (Links to Travel Nursing page or could link to STAR job description to apply)?

National Sales Division

The members of our National Sales Team represent the 5th Fastest-Growing Staffing Firm in the US! Our team of Account Executives and Account Executive Assistants connects with clinical facilities at all levels within the medical spectrum. This is a high-energy and upbeat division that is in the driver's seat to take DNA to the next level! Our Sales Team markets to industry prospects while building valuable relationships between clientele and DNA. Want to join our National Sales Division? Click here to apply. (Links to AE description)

Financial Services

Who doesn't love to get paid every Friday? Our Payroll and Billing team is responsible for making EVERY Friday better! This team is dedicated to organizing and reconciling all 5,500 of our employee's timecards, accurately submitting payroll, and even building and sending invoices. Want to work with this team? Check it out and apply here. (Links to P&B description) *not sure if we should include financial and data analyst positions in this section also???

National Recruiting Office (NRO)

Our National Recruiting Office (NRO Recruiters) are responsible for hiring medical professionals from all over the country and connecting them with per diem assignments that fit their needs. Daily duties include conducting interviews over the phone, helping new hires complete their requirements and credentialing to compliance standards, and guiding new hires through the recruiting process.  Click here to apply. (Links to NRO description)

Corporate Recruiting Team

Our Corporate Recruiters are responsible for hiring internal talent for all 18 offices! Our team has excellent customer service and interviewing skills, and they love to see their hires excel at their careers. Our team plans and attends job fairs across the region, helps administrative hires through the onboarding process from start to finish, and have the amazing opportunity to meet new and interesting people and make valuable professional connections. Daily duties include sourcing through thousands of resumes online, conducting phone interviews, on-site interviews, and new hire orientation. Want to join the Corporate Recruiting team? Click here to apply.

Collections Specialists

Our Collections Team is responsible for maximizing return on financial assets by establishing financial policies, procedures, controls, budgets and reporting systems. Day-to-day responsibilities include monitoring client accounts, maintaining positive relationships with existing clients and building relationships with new clients, accurate record-keeping, resolving billing issues and more! Want to join the Collections team? Apply here. 

DNA | Pittsburgh, PA | Nursing Staffing Firm
DNA | Pittsburgh, PA | Nursing Staffing Firm
DNA | Pittsburgh, PA | Nursing Staffing Firm