Dedicated Nursing Associates
Position Location
Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) Delmont, PA
In House Counsel Delmont, PA
VP of Recruiting Delmont, PA
Corporate Recruiter Delmont, PA
Account Executive Delmont, PA
STAR Recruiter Delmont, PA
STAR Assistant Delmont, PA
Administrative Assistant Delmont, PA
Employee Concierge Delmont, PA
Director of Human Resources Delmont, PA
Collections Specialist Delmont, PA
Accounts Payable Specialist Delmont, PA
IT Specialist Delmont, PA
Payroll & Billing Specialist Delmont, PA
Administrative Assistant Cranberry Township, PA
Staffing Coordinator Cranberry Township, PA
Recruiter Cranberry Township, PA
Director of In Home Services Cranberry Township, PA
Staffing Coordinator Charlotte, NC
Recruiter Charlotte, NC
Branch Manager Indianapolis, IN
Assistant Manager Indianapolis, IN
Staffing Coordinator Indianapolis, IN
Recruiter Indianapolis, IN
Recruiter Nashville, TN
Branch Manager Knoxville, TN
Assistant Manager Knoxville, TN
Staffing Coordinator Knoxville, TN
Recruiter Knoxville, TN
Regional Manager Cleveland or Columbus, OH
Staffing Coordinator Dayton, OH
Recruiter Dayton, OH
Recruiter Cleveland, OH
Staffing Coordinator Cleveland, OH
Regional Manager Cincinnati or Dayton, OH
Recruiter Cincinnati, OH
Director of In Home Services Lewisburg, PA
Staffing Coordinator York, PA
Recruiter Allentown, PA
Director of In Home Services Allentown, PA
Staffing Coordinator Allentown, PA
Branch Manager Reading, PA
Branch Manager Louisville, KY
Assistant Manager Louisville, KY
Staffing Coordinator Louisville, KY
Recruiter Louisville, KY
Recruiter Columbia, SC
Recruiter Washington, PA
Branch Manager Wilkes Barre, PA
Assistant Manager Wilkes Barre, PA
Recruiter Wilkes Barre, PA
Staffing Coordinator Wilkes Barre, PA
Recruiter Philadelphia, PA
Recruiter Altoona, PA
Recruiter Harrisburg, PA
Recruiter Chambersburg, PA
Recruiter Erie, PA
Recruiter Atlanta, GA
Recruiter Jacksonville, FL
Recruiter Boca Raton, FL
Recruiter Tampa, FL
Recruiter Fort Lauderdale, FL


Dedicated Nursing Associates (DNA)

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DNA Named 13th Largest Per Diem Staffing Firm In The US 2017,
DNA Named 4th Fastest Growing Staffing Firm In The US 2017,
2017 North American Staffing 100,
DNA Named 2nd Fastest Growing Staffing Firm In The US 2016
DNA has earned the Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval,
Member of the Pennsylvania Homecare Association,
Licensed with the Pennsylvania Department of Health,
Certified Partner with the Council on Aging

2017 Staff Industry Analysts
4nd Fastest Growing Staffing Firm
Staffing 100
2nd Fastest Growing Staffing Firm
Joint Commissions
Pennsylvania Department of Health