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Are you looking for a professional home health care provider?

Our Mission:

Dedicated Nursing Associates (DNA) strives to be the first choice in home care staffing by consistently demonstrating excellence in our field through a team of compassionate, reliable, energetic and professional caregivers. DNA believes in having the absolute highest standards in healthcare and a strong understanding of our clients’ needs, therefore, enhancing the quality of life of all those we touch.

In addition, we believe we can help overcome the stereotype that circulates throughout the healthcare community regarding agency staffing. We specialize in home care and provide quality service to our clients by meeting their needs both professionally and financially. At DNA, we place an emphasis on employing the most talented and compassionate caregivers so we can ensure that we provide our clients with effective, reliable, and flexible service.

Our Benefits:

At DNA, we provide clients with caregivers who are not only qualified but are also caring and compassionate. DNA ensures that clients can remain in their home as long as possible and above all, receive the love and care they deserve. In other words, our caregivers are highly skilled and also have enormous hearts!

DNA provides in-home health care services for state cases, self-pay, workers’ compensation, and insurance cases for individuals who are 18 years or older. Additionally, we take steps to ensure that the client is our #1 focus, and we will take the time to meet with each client to determine:

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    What's important to you, the client?
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    The perfect schedule to meet your wants and needs.
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    How we can assist you to accomplish your goals.
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    Safe ways to help you remain in your home. Furthermore, we will advocate on your behalf to receive additional services and equipment necessary to maintain your safety.
"My favorite part about working with DNA as my Home Care provider is the reliability, the staff, their compassion and their professional Home Care Aides." -TL, Client
"I enjoy when I first arrive to the home of my clients and see what the shift will intel. The client and I go over what needs completed and we tackle it together... When my shift is completed, I like to feel a sense of completion internally. They all know that I'm just a phone call away when I'm not in their presence.” -ES, Caregiver
"DNA Homecare Services impacted my life and my family's lives compared to other homecare agencies that we used in the past DNA welcomed us with compassion and professionalism! They answered our questions and concerns. But most importantly, we have a peace of mind knowing that my needs are being met." -TL, Client
“Working for DNA is an enriching experience to know I am helping others and can make a big difference in a patient’s daily life. The support and knowledge you get as you enter the home of a stranger and them allowing you to be their backbone for a few hours is an amazing feeling.” -AC, Caregiver
"My favorite part about having DNA as my Home Care provider is the ability to have my family work for DNA as my paid caregivers. I enjoy the opportunity to choose who my caregivers are and what schedule works best for me." -CE, Client
“I enjoy working for all of my clients. It makes me feel good to know, that I have taken a workload off of their family members and spouses... I am more passionate and improved on my listening skills; and I owe that all to DNA” -KP, Caregiver
“I appreciate DNA providing the opportunity and ability to remain in my home with the help of my caregivers." -CE, Client
“My favorite part about working with DNA as a Home Health Aide is meeting new clients and their family. I have a flexible work schedule and I have the chance to grow." -KP, Caregiver
"The clients come from so many different backgrounds. Their concerns are my concerns and it's all about increasing the quality of life, creating memories and getting the tasks done. It's also important and I always express to them that they aren't forgotten. They are important and cared for.” -ES, Caregiver
"My all-time favorite is meeting new clients and hearing their stories of their life and the battles or challenges they have faced to get them where they are, it's just amazing because some people have gone through some really hard times but still manage to smile through everything they have gone through, it's very inspirational." -C. Mosley, Caregiver
“Working for DNA as a Home Health Aide has impacted my life and career in so many ways. I’ve met so many people and I’ve heard so many stories, good and bad, every time I get up and get ready for work it makes me want to be a better person everywhere I go.” -C. Mosley, Caregiver

Our Services Include, But Are Not Limited To:

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    Meal Preparation
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    Light Housekeeping
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    Medicine Reminders
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    Community Integration
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    Socialization & Recreational Activities

We accept private pay and long-term care insurance. Also, we are contracted through the Department of Public Welfare and the Office of Long Term Living to provide services through the following waivers:

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    Attendant Care
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    Act 150
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    Department Of Aging
Dedicated Nursing Associates

Benefits Of Selecting DNA As Your Home Care Provider:

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    DNA supplies medical staff to hospitals, nursing facilities, group homes, and hospice throughout all 50 states.
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    Our company has been in business for over 17 years and has many years of combined experience in the medical staffing industry.
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    Monthly schedules so that you know who is scheduled to come into your home.
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    DNA is open 24/7 therefore, our internal employees are trained and available to assist you during all shifts. We do not utilize a third-party or answering service.
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    Our one-hour minimum shift length provides more scheduling flexibility.
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    We offer a standard rate that does not increase on the weekends.
Dedicated Nursing Associates

Dedicated Nursing Associates Caregiver Hiring Process:

1. Screen Resumes 2. Personal Interview 3. Professional Reference Checks 4. Credentials For Employment 5. Drug Screening 6. Background Checks
1. Screen Resumes 2. Personal Interview 3. Professional Reference Checks 4. Credentials For Employment 5. Drug Screening 6. Background Checks

Trained Employees Ready To Assist You! 

Our headquarters is located in Delmont, PA and we also provide homecare services in all Pennsylvania counties!

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