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Safety Committee

Dedicated Nursing Associates is committed to the safety of our employees and their patients. Check out the information below to learn more about our Safety Committee.

Committee Bylaws

Meeting Notes
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Eastern Alliance - September 2020

Key Risk - September 2020

Ohio Minutes - September 2020

Eastern Alliance - October 2020

Key Risk - October 2020

Ohio Minutes - October 2020

Eastern Alliance - November 2020

Key Risk - November 2020

Ohio Minutes - November 2020

Ohio Minutes - December 2020

Eastern Alliance - December 2020

Key Risk - December 2020

Ohio Minutes - January 2021

Key Risk - January 2021

Eastern Alliance - January 2021

Ohio Minutes - February 2021

Key Risk - February 2021

Eastern Alliance - February 2021

Ohio Minutes - March 2021

Key Risk - March 2021

Ohio Minutes - April 2021

Key Risk- April 2021

Eastern Alliance - April 2021

Ohio Minutes - May 2021

Key Risk - May 2021

Eastern Alliance - May 2021

Ohio Minutes - June 2021

Key Risk - June 2021

Eastern Alliance - June 2021

Ohio Minutes - July 2021

Key Risk - July 2021

Eastern Alliance - July 2021

Ohio Minutes - August 2021

Key Risk - August 2021

Eastern Alliance - August 2021

Ohio Minutes - September 2021

Key Risk - September 2021

Eastern Alliance - September 2021

Ohio Minutes - October 2021

Key Risk - October 2021

Eastern Alliance - October 2021

Ohio Minutes - November 2021

Key Risk - November 2021

Eastern Alliance - November 2021

Ohio Minutes - December 2021

Key Risk - December 2021

Eastern Alliance - December 2021

Ohio Minutes - January 2022

Key Risk - January 2022

Eastern Alliance - January 2022

Ohio Minutes - February 2022

Key Risk - February 2022

Eastern Alliance - February 2022

Ohio Minutes - March 2022

Key Risk - March 2022

Eastern Alliance - March 2022


Monthly Tool Box Lessons

Understanding and Dealing with Resident Aggression

How to Use a Hoyer Lift

Lifting and Material Handling

How to Prevent Exposure in Unsafe Conditions

Occupational Hazards in Home Healthcare

How to Prevent Musculoskeletal Disorders

Sprains and Strains Prevention

How to Prevent Latex Allergies

Workplace Violence in Healthcare

Lifting Techniques for Home Caregivers

Managing and Preventing Hypoglycemia

Managing Stress and Anxiety during COVID - 19

Running Essential Errands during COVID - 19

Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19

Safe Lifting and Movement of Nursing Home Residents

Safe Patient Handling

Hazards of Rolling a Patient

Ergonomic Stretching Exercises

Safety Committee Bylaws

Workplace Safety Assistance Manual

Weather Accident Prevention

Needle Stick Prevention

Worker Safety in Your Hospital

Violence in the Field

Distracted Driving

Fire Extinguisher Safety

Winter Weather Preparation

Winter Driving

Violence in the Field

Seasonal Flu Precautions

Reducing Stress for Caregivers

How to Handle Patient Complaints

Handling Aggressive Patients

Gait Belt Usage

Preventing Heat Stroke and Heat Exhaustion

Clean Hands Count for Safe Healthcare

Fall Prevention and Management

Professional Boundaries

Pressure Ulcers

Ergonomic Stretching Exercises

Dementia, Caregiving, and Controlling Frustration

Preventing Weather-Related Accidents 

Manage your Risk: Fall Prevention and Management

Wandering Patients; Elopement Prevention

Workplace Violence in Healthcare

How to Protect Yourself from Needlestick Injuries

Protecting your Patient during a Seizure

Bed Bugs

Protecting your Back

Risks Associated with Shift Work

The 5 Best Patient Transfer Devices

Avoiding Injury when Removing Snow and Ice

Occupational Hazards in Home Healthcare

Transfer From Wheelchair to Toilet: How to Safely Help Seniors

Slips, Trips, and Falls of Healthcare Workers

Recommendations for Turning Patients with Orthopedic Impairments

7 Tips Each Nurse Should Know About Safe Patient Handling

Here's What You Need to Safely Work with Bariatric Patients

What is a Care Plan and Why Should I Care?

Preventing Slips and Falls for Nurses

Patient Care Transfer Techniques

Violence Occupational Hazards in Hospitals

Stay Safe and Healthy in Winter

Report Incidents and Injuries Quickly







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