How to Pack for Your Travel Nursing Assignment

Travel nursing is exciting. In that excitement, it’s easy to lose track of what you need to pack, what can stay at home, and what you can purchase at your destination. Here are some quick tips on packing for your next exciting adventure.

  1. Consider the Duration. Though most assignments are 13 weeks, some travel nursing firms offer a variety of lengths. Whether it’s 8 weeks or 26 weeks will determine how much is packed. There are some things we can live without for 8 weeks that wouldn’t be possible without for 26 weeks.
  2. Consider the Weather. Assignment locations have different climates and may offer different activities. If the trip spans more than one season, pack clothing that can easily be layered and removed according to the weather changes.
  3. Review What is Provided. Your travel nurse firm may provide some furnishing and common items at the location. Be sure to check what is provided so as not to over-pack. Don’t assume that every place with have the same household items. Each travel nursing assignment may be slightly different.
  4. Create a List of Daily Used Items. Start a list of what you do and use daily. This list will help keep packing light and encourage packing only the necessities. Add to the list activities you would like to do at the new destination. An area known for skiing would require different equipment than one known for its beaches.
  5. Stay Organized. Purchase some storage bins to help stay organized when packing. Some companies make special bags for packing electronics, cosmetics, or shoes. For clothing, consider compression bags. Some compression bags even include a vacuum hookup to easily remove the air from the bags.
  6. Purchase Items at the Location. Forgot something? Purchase it. There will be stores nearby where you can pick up some items for cheap. Consider visiting second-hand shops or discount stores. You can even donate purchases before leaving.

Take advantage of the many Travel Nursing opportunities that we can provide for you. Know where you want to travel? Dedicated Nursing Associates, Inc. has a variety of assignments listed here.  Not sure where to start? At DNA, we’ll help you find the best match for your career goals.  Our STAR recruiters from our Travel Nurse Division will be happy to assist. Call 844-551-8046!