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March 12, 2019 – Over the past year, Dedicated Nursing Associates (DNA) held a “Nurses, Win a Lexus” contest. In our industry, we know that nurses work hard. From the moment you enter the world, throughout your entire life you interact with nurses. It takes a special type of individual to help others every day selflessly. As a thank you to all nurses,  we wanted to give away a brand new Lexus ES 350!

The contest ran from March 1, 2018, until March 1, 2019. DNA hoped to reach out to as many nurses as possible with the contest, to show our appreciation for all nurses and the hard work that they do. When the contest came to an end, there were 8,044 entries. Thank you to all the nurses who entered the contest!

On March 6, 2019, our Marketing, STAR and Corporate Recruiting teams huddled in a conference room to deliver the news to our winner, Kathy A. of Kentucky! On the call, Kathy expressed her excitement about winning the Lexus and her appreciation for the contest opportunity!

“Oh my gosh! Are you serious? Are you sure? I love you guys,” said Kathy when hearing the news. From there, she decided to meet with us to pick up her new Lexus the following week. 

The following week, on March 12, two members of the Marketing team flew to Nashville, to congratulate Kathy in-person. They helped deliver her new Lexus and got to see the happiness the car brought our winner!

Kathy has been a nurse for over 36 years, following in her parent’s and family members footsteps. Her parents were nurses in a Psychiatric Hospital (where she also worked), and she has an aunt and cousin who are also nurses. She’s always admired her parent’s profession and knew she wanted to help others, so nursing was an easy pick for her. Over the years, Kathy has worked in a plethora of specialties, such as long term care, private care, hospitals, pediatrics, etc.

“When I first got into nursing, I did Labor & Delivery for ten years. I enjoyed it, especially delivering a set of twins one night. I love working with the babies because you get attached to them. That’s the best part of nursing,” said Kathy.

DNA created the sweepstakes to say thank you to all the dedicated nurses in the US. Nurses work a lot of hours, and Kathy is one of them. She is still averaging 60 hours a week. Even that day, she was thinking about picking up a shift in the evening!

When asked what advice she would give other nurses, she said: “Don’t limit yourself to one nursing specialty. I’ve been blessed with all different areas of nursing, from long-term care, pediatrics, NICU, ER, I’ve done it all. But please get a lot of experience in different areas. I think all nurses should spend at least a year in the hospital. That gives you your foundation to know what you really want to do.”

DNA enjoyed the opportunity to reward one of our hardworking nurses for all that they do! The “Nurses, Win a Lexus” contest was a great success in celebrating all nurses and their dedication to their patients. DNA appreciates all of their hard work and hopes that this contest showed recognition of the impact nurses have on patients’ lives. Before she took her new car away, Kathy wanted to say: “Thank you DNA for the opportunity to do this, it was a joy and delight! It blew me away, and it was a surprise!”