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DNA Education Alliance - Dedicated to Furthering Your Education

April 21, 2022


At Dedicated Nursing Associates, we value our employees and their professional development. To honor this, DNA has partnered with St. Frances University, Ohio University, and Post University to offer discounted nursing education and other higher education programs to all DNA employees and staff.

Educational Alliance partnership programs are designed to enable you to excel in your professional career by enhancing your knowledge and abilities at a reduced tuition cost.

We want you to succeed and to help you achieve your goals. As part of our values and our commitment to our employees, the Education Alliance program is intended to help you build upon your professional development to achieve your professional goals.

Visit the Education Alliance page of our website for free access to Continuing Education Units for Nurses and Nursing Assistants.

To learn more about our educational opportunities, please send an email to Education@DedicatedNurses.com for more detailed information on the programs offered.

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