Michael Glabicki of Rusted Root with Dirk Miller

Happy National Nurses Week!

May 5, 2022

National Nurses Week is a celebration of nurses and their contributions to healthcare. In 1993, National Nurses Week was officially recognized to run from May 6th to May 12th every year. The final day of Nurses Week, or International Nurses Day, is Florence Nightingale’s birthday. She was born on May 12th, 1820, in Florence, Italy. She is well known for her work in nursing and healthcare, most notably improving the cleanliness and sanitization of hospitals. Her subsequent writings would go on to reform healthcare.

The International Council of Nurses has established the theme of “invest in nursing and respect rights to secure global health” for International Nurses Day 2022. This week, we reflect on the hard work, passion, and dedication that nurses and caregivers across the world embody every single day. Nurses are essential. They perform some of the most important daily tasks in healthcare and are often the first point of contact for most patients. National Nurses Week serves to recognize their tireless and often thankless efforts. Supporting nurses by investing in their jobs, leadership, education, safety, and wellbeing is crucial not just this week, but year-round.

DNA would like to sincerely thank all nurses for dedicating their lives to serve others. We care for you as much as you care for the patients whose lives you touch every day. We want to celebrate and honor you for the countless hours of hard work and sacrifices you’ve made to achieve your goals. You followed your dreams, you worked incredibly hard, you make sacrifices day in and day out, and you deserve to be rewarded for your dedication to becoming a healthcare professional.

To show our appreciation, we are giving away prizes every single day this week to honor and recognize nurses! Follow us on Instagram and turn on our post notifications so you can be the first to know about each giveaway!