Tips for Choosing Your Home Care Provider

When it’s time to bring in outside help to assist with the care of a loved one, which home care provider is the best? For families, it’s important loved ones feel comfortable, independent and safe, which means finding the best home care provider. Below are some tips that can help.

1. Determining Needs. Choosing a caregiver successfully will depend on the needs of the family member. Once the needs are determined, the type of home care needed will surface. Whether it’s skilled companionship, personal care, or skilled care each home care provider offers something different. Understanding the needs will make matching a caregiver to them a little easier.

2. Hiring Process. When researching care providers, note how nurses and aides are hired. Are there phone screenings, face-to-face interviews, reference checks, background checks, drug screens? Ensure that the provider is professional, as well as compassionate.

3. Researching Involvement. How long has the provider been in the industry? Are they involved with any nationally recognized associations? Do they have any certifications? These show that the provider is not only dedicated to their field, but also passionate about it. Family members deserve that kind of dedication.

4. Assessing the Situation. A provider’s first step should be to send an experienced nurse or healthcare professional for an initial assessment of the situation. A trained professional will know what to look for and what advice to give. A formal assessment will dive deeper than the initial determination.

5. Checking Availability. Not all home care providers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Look over the provider’s hours. Are aides available on the weekends or overnight? Is there a number to call at any time of the day? Check to see if they will provide a replacement aide should the need arise.

Choosing a home care provider is quite the task, but there are plenty of resources to help. Have more questions? Contact Dedicated Nursing Associates and speak to one of our experts! Or click here to read about the home care services DNA can provide.