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MSP Staffing Representative

The MSP Staffing Representative is responsible for maintaining relationships with employees and clients in the MSP Division by communicating with all company divisions, including, the Travel Division, Per Diem Division Offices and corresponding regions, and Sub-Vendor Panel. They are also responsible for hiring medical professionals, submitting schedules, and collecting job orders.

Major Areas of Responsibility:

  • Dial 70 unique, outbound calls per day (calls must be made before emailing candidates or clients)
  • Schedule 500 hours of billable work per week with the assistance of Division Offices, STAR and Sub-Vendor Panel
  • Align employee availability with current job orders or staffing needs
  • Determine advertising needs based on the difficulty to fulfill specific job orders
  • Ensure MSP clients, staffing needs, and employees are prioritized
  • Prioritize and accomplish through assisting all teams
  • Work with Per Diem Division Offices to help fulfill the needs of MSP clients
  • Work with Travel Division to help fulfill the needs of MSP clients
  • Work with Sub-Vendor Staff
  • Enter all Active Needs in Clink and B4 Health
  • Assist the Compliance Team to ensure all MSP Employees are fully compliant
  • Assist MSP clients with employee call-offs and employee replacements
  • Follow up with both MSP and Travel Division candidates on contracts in a timely manner
  • Call all candidates in all regions needed for MSP contracts including candidates listed as Active status, Inactive status, or in the ApplicantStack recruiting phase
  • Complete special projects or additional work tasks as directed by MSP Assistant Division Manager or VP of Sales
  • Work in an office environment on a full-time basis unless otherwise specified by the Executive Team
  • Must log all calls in the scheduling software


  • General knowledge and capability to operate office equipment
  • Excellent communication skills, oral and written
  • Persuasive negotiation skills
  • Meet or exceed all essential functions of the job, including but not limited to, work performance goals

Physical Demands

  • Ability to remain in a stationary position for the duration of the workday
  • Ability to move about the office, bend and reach
  • Ability to lift up to 25 pounds occasionally
Dedicated Nursing Associates

Work environment:

Generally, works in an office environment but may occasionally be required to perform job duties outside of the typical office setting if specified by the Executive Team.